Romantic Places to Visit in Himachal for Honeymoon Couples

Discover the Romantic Places of Himachal To Plan A Perfect Honeymoon

We are all aware of the wedding days that come with many tedious tasks, and the celebrations somehow shade their busy and tiring concept. Every couple desired their private time after dealing with the hustle and bustle of the wedding functions. This is the time when a couple plans for their honeymoon to spend some quality time with their partners away from the city.

The honeymoon time is precious, and all the newlyweds want their trip to be filled with romanticism and the best memories. There are a lot of destinations in India where a couple can go for honeymoon, but if we talk about the most prioritizing one, then Himachal Pradesh will be darting its position to be at the top.

Every nook of Himachal sparks with wonders as the region is highly surrounded by foggy snow-capped hills. A couple will have a romantic time within the magnificent aura of Himachal as they can experience a lot of adventures in the spots, and even they will be able to revive each other due to the romantic and lovable locations.

Another precious aspect that follows up with the state is its authentic cuisines which give a perfect deal to the explorers and, of course, the honeymooners. If you are initiating a romantic holiday honeymoon packages and want to gift your partner the most satisfying honeymoon experience, then you are at the right place. We will list down some of the most enthralling places of Himachal that will be a boon for the newlyweds to satisfy their urge for a better relationship on the trip.

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Perfect wonders of Himachal for honeymooners

Spiti Valley:

Spiti Valley can be your ultimate deal if you are a power couple who just loves to indulge in some adventurous activities. Along with the romantic side of the place, the following destination is extremely adventurous. If you plan your honeymoon during the autumn season, then this region will be the most aesthetic portrayal for you.

As you enter this location, the backdrop of the mountains will owe you from the beginning. You can try river rafting, long walks, and cycling on its terrain with relaxed hiking. The winding roads and the misty snowfall will add that spark to your newly bonded relationship.


Dalhousie can be the perfect destination for honeymooners during the summer season. The following region is nestled with five massive hill ranges and is surrounded by scenic mountains covered with dense pine-clad valleys. The mesmerizing view of the Apple orchards will also astonish you to a vast extent. You can explore a lot of romantic activities with your beloved partner. Chamera Lake will also be an unwinding experience. Along with these, you can opt for zorbing, horse riding and much more.


There are a lot of places in Himachal from which opting for one location will be a bit tough. Out of all the locations, preferring Shimla can be a smart choice. The scenic boundary will give you the glory of heaven as you will enter its magical realm. You will have that treat-to-eyes moment when the majestic snow-covered hills surround you.

Shimla is the queen of the hill station in Himachal, and many quaint places surround this region. You can enjoy ice skating, rafting, visiting sacred places and much more. The panoramic views of the region will astonish you to a large extent. This truly amazing space will be the perfect location for your honeymoon.


Kinnaur is termed the ‘Land Of Gods’ as this quaint location is grasping a lot of holy shrines on its land. The green valleys look mesmerizing from the top. The thrill of the tour will be gripped to you as the romantic season will calm your soul with serenity. The weather seems like icing on the cake as it delivers a memorable and comfortable aura. You can hike and trek as an adventurous trail will be very ingenious. Trekking within the Bhaspa River and Nako Lake is very popular. Along with this, sightseeing at Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary is also very awesome.


If you value some quality time with your partner, then Chail will be the best destination for you. The peaceful surrounding and lush green valleys of Chail can be fantastic, as the region’s unparalleled beauty will astonish you. Generating unforgettable memories can be meaningful vistas for you.

Enjoy a warm dinner in your cottage by your fireplace to enjoy the most satiating weather of the region. The towering pine and oak trees look very appealing and can add a delightful charm to your love life. You can explore Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Sadhupul Lake, Maharajas’ place and much more.


Chamba is resting with its wonderful base on the banks of the Ravi River. The blissful vistas of Chamba town will give you utmost pleasure, and the sublime climate will welcome a couple with a hug of cool breeze. The verdant views look very beautiful from the top, and every hotel in the region has a balcony that adheres to the great vision of Himalayan ranges and Pine valleys. This ancient region consists of colorful markets, a well-maintained museum, some old carved temples and much more. Some festivals are very prominent over here as you can have a holy bond with the local people.


Situated at a phase of 70 Km from Kullu, Manali is famous for its exquisite excursions. This place has many enchanting sights with a large number of temples. You can start your newly wedding life with the blessings of this serene place. You can roam over the hilly regions within the greenish valley with your beloved partner. You can explore Bhima Kali temple, Prashar Lake trek, and wildlife sanctuaries.


A couple must start their married life with all the exhilarating experiences which can be initiated through a well-planned honeymoon. You can make your honeymoon trip memorable by visiting these alluring places listed above also by booking suitable Himachal Tour Packages. Himachal Pradesh is a wondrous spread for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts and mainly for honeymooners due to its scenic spots. A couple can engage in some exquisite adventurous activities and have a detailed exploration of the serene environs. So, embark on your honeymoon zeal by booking a perfect service to satiate your delightful excursion.

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