Famous Tourist Sights And Customized Tour Packages of Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Himachal Pradesh has mounted its list to be the most wondrous topography consisting of the fun and authentic vibes of sightseeing, adventurous activities and explorations. Being the stunning hill state of India, Himachal is the ultimate reformation of heaven. The verdant meadows will enchant your soul as the whole state will be dotted with many types.

Other than that, the gushing rivers, revered monuments, snow-covered milky White Mountain peaks, architectural epitomes, and enthralling orchards are some of the best breath-taking charms of Himachal. As you go through the terrains, the colorful monasteries will shade some of the rarest cultural significance that will astonish you to a vast extent.

There are a lot of places scattered over the state that are somehow impossible to cover without any tour packages. So, nowadays, most wanderers are following up with Customized Tour Packages to completely explore this ‘Land of Gods’. Temples are one of the most significant deals of the state as this place has seen the ruling period of certain dynasties where they have built several exploring sites and devoted temples with intriguing architectural modes. 

A tour to Himachal can be the ultimate highlight of beautiful memories as you will feel that action-packed zeal within yourself. This state is dotted with many picturesque hamlets that convey their traditional significance and greet the tourists with their whole hearts. The innumerable ecstatic places will assure you of portraying their most benevolent form of nature. Let us read about some of the most exquisite spots of Himachal that will make your adrenaline rush with flourishing features and understand your vacation glory.

Here is the list of famous attractive sights of Himachal

Shimla-the Colonial Charm

Shimla has been prominently featuring the title of the former summer capital of Britain in India. So the colonial terms still mark its significance over this place. The ambience, monuments and churches are the most dedicated glory of the colonial architectural styles. Most people prefer Customized Tour Packages for one of the top tourist destinations Shimla as this place has a bountiful natural scene to show visitors. 

The beautiful and wondrous hill station has a brilliant social life, and the interaction happens through street shopping. You can find several malls in its foggy terrain, or you can simply enjoy the golden charms of street shops on a chilled evening. The stretch of road will give you abundant options for local food items and woollen clothes you can shop within. Riding through the Kalka-Shimla Railway is the most exciting part of the journey, and a relaxed picnic at Glen and Craignano can also be soothing for you. 

Manali- Unbelievable Hub of Mountain Views

The timeless splendour of Manali has been defined by its dignified surroundings. The ecstatic feature remains the River Beas alluring flow through this city, while the abundant vegetation of tiny fields will excite you. The dotted deodar and pine trees escalate the eminence of this town through their luscious and dense attributes.

It is one of the prominent spots for tourists during the winter as the appealing form of nature resides in the scenic glance through the place. One of the most visited places of Manali is Hadimba temple, where the caves around the temple become the most charming sights covered with shaded valleys. 

You can even try your adventurous soul to show some courageous actions at Solang Valley, present around 13 km away from Manali. In contrast, Club House is another eccentric hub to enjoy a picnic and relaxed vibes. 

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Dalhousie- The Revolutionary Famed Hill Station

The colonial past will show its everlasting aura over this grandeur hill station known as Dalhousie. The impressive and ecstatic colonial architecture is just marvellous over this town. You can get a clear glance at the picturesque Chamba valley with the scenic approach of the Dhauladhar Range covering the background sights. 

You can enjoy some alone time at Subhash Baoli to experience the solitude of the place. You can even go for some Customized Tour Packages to enjoy the most prolific range of this hill station. You can enjoy the scene of Panjpulla while boating around the region. Heading towards Bakrota hills can also be a featuring idea to enjoy the snow-peaked mountains.

Kangra- Natural Escape of Himachal

Kangra has carved its prominence since the Vedic times. The natural serenity of this place is simply spell-bounding. Most of the people here are quite inclined towards the Buddhism culture, and the acres have been scattered with several ancient Hindu shrines. Many innovative measures of the locals have pumped up the traditional crafts and culture of this place. 

The place’s historical significance can be sensed if you go to Kangra Fort. The colossal and magnanimous charm of the fort will satiate your soul to the fullest. A village in the location known as Pragpur will give you the glory of the past for being the heritage village of the state. 

Lahaul and Spiti-The Picturesque Hub of Rugged Terrains

These renowned remote valleys have attracted most visitors’ attention due to their rugged and fascinating terrain. The valleys remain mystic due to their large and massive fields, which serve as the most picturesque landscapes. The snow-peaked mountains are the ultimate pleasure to enjoy over these high-raised valleys. 

Several monasteries over Lahaul will captivate your adventurous zeal. Some of the most glorious ones are Keylong, Guru Ghantal and much more. You can enjoy the ancient eccentric time at Gondola, where you can experience the ruling period of many kings. Through your Customized Tour Packages, you can add a visit to Kunzum La Pass here and make the moment standstill with many nurturing experiences. At Spiti, you can enjoy the abundant presence of Flora and Fauna species in most of its sanctuaries. 

Kinnaur-The Witnessing Charm of Nature

The chromatic essence of nature can be witnessed at this place, darting its location over India and Tibet. Kinnaur is encircled by the most glamorous hill ranges known as the Himalayan and Dhauladhar. Here you can set your trail towards Sangla valley, which has a broad expansion with scattered orchards of apricots and apples.

Kothi is one of the most beautiful places in Kinnaur that attracts a lot of nature lovers towards its surroundings. Many Buddhist monasteries can be seen over its terrain, where the natural calmness can be enjoyed to a vast extent. From the top, the exciting glance of hamlets within the foggy atmosphere will astonish you. You must seek the assistance of Customized Tour Packages for a better perusal of the place.

Concluding Note:

The list mentioned above entails some of the most prominent landscapes of Himachal that drag a lot of attention throughout the year. You can try some Himachal Customized Tour Packages to explore the places mentioned above to a vast extent and with detailed attributes. Apart from this, there are several natural trails drenched with utmost beauty you can groove over for an actual scenic deal of Himachal. 

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