List of Must-Visit Tourist places in Kinnaur-Spiti Valley

India is known to be a landscape with an extreme stretch of wondrous destinations. People from all over the world named India the epitome of excellence and serenity. Every tourist attraction of India has been drenched with a certain type of benevolent significance to dart its eccentric culture and tradition.

Himachal Pradesh is one of the states in India that describes the alluring features of the nation with its vast and epic locations. Moreover, the prolific hill stations of Himachal are spell-bounding and fetching with their crystal clear white tops. Among all the large centres of magnificent temples, monasteries, caves, forests, valleys, and much more, Kinnaur Spiti Tour Packages can be your ultimate glamorous deal. 

Kinnaur Spiti is a tiny hamlet and a cold desert stretching over the upper regions of Himachal. Being a remote destination also, Kinnaur Spiti valley is well-channelized to other locations of Himachal and the serene view of monasteries will astonish you. The place has many camping arrangements where you can experience a delusional vacation. Let us dive into some exhilarating locations of Kinnaur Spiti-Valley, where you can groove into the mystic landscapes of Himachal.

Places that explain serenity at Kinnaur-Spiti Valley

Suraj Tal

This divine location is also known as Surya Tal, the third-highest lake in India, and the mountains covering the region look extremely picturesque. Many visitors come to this location to enjoy its natural surroundings and explore its soothing vibes. You can also enjoy some adventurous sports at this location, such as boating, camping and much more. These activities must be engulfed in the Kinnaur Spiti Tour Packages to give a wholesome experience to the explorers. 

Key Monastery

Key Monastery, also called Kee Monastery, is a definite inclusion within a travel list when visiting for Journey to Spiti Valley. It is resting at an altitude of 4166m above sea level. A person who comes here channelizes inner peace and enjoys the mystic surrounding of the place. The ruling architecture of the Monastery depicts the ancient Chinese culture where a lot of practitioners of Buddhism carry on their training sessions over here. 

key monastery

Pin Valley National Park

This intriguing national park is known to be the highest cold valley situated within the heights to preserve the exquisite range of Flora and Fauna. This park is surrounded by natural epitomes and gives its land to many unique species. This valley has got its recognition and significance from the alluring Pin River. It is also the fetching home of Snow Leopards. If you are booking any certified Kinnaur Spiti Tour Packages, then this valley should be included in the excursion. 

Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery is also tagged as the Ajanta of the Himachal, situated at the height of 3280m above the level of the sea. This Monastery is situated at the bottom of the valley over the rocky landscape. Here you can explore divine paintings, murals, and statues over the walls of the Monastery. 

Tabo Monastery

Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake is one of the most fetching locations in Spiti. You can exclusively enjoy your rejuvenating holiday session by exploring the surrounding of this lake, as it is away from the city hues. The trail among this lake is a paradise for nature lovers and trekkers. The bountiful existence of natural serenity will allure you extensively at this spot.

Dhankar Lake


The above-listed places are a few among the unmatched landscapes of Kinnaur-Spiti valley. The places will unwind the most charismatic experiences for you and elevate your travel’s eccentric zeal. If you want to revive through the benevolent charms of Himachal, book Kinnaur Tour Packages for the utmost results. 

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