Kinnaur – An Offbeat Tour Experience

Heights are always been thrilling. If someone wishes to have thrilling experience, he or she plans to visit high mountains. Kinnaur is a place of high altitude mountains that can give an offbeat tour experience. Kinnaur is one of the districts of Himachal Pradesh.  The eastern part of Kinnaur has influence of Tibetan culture as eastern border touches boundary of Tibet. Kinnaur is popular as an Abode of Lord Shiva. The mountain called Kinnaur Kailash meant sacred for Hindus. This is a high peak mountain having shape like “Shiv Linga”, which is having the great importance for the people in Himachal.

Kinnaur is also knows as place of Gods. The name Kinnaur means “Kinner”. And as per mythology “Kinner” is half man and half God.  It is also said that at the time of Mahabharata when Pandavas went in exile, they resided here for some time.

This place is famous for various mountainous activities like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling and river valley crossing. All these activities are quite enjoying and thrilling. Being at high altitude, this place may be best visited from the month of May to October. In winters, the temperature goes down to -4 Degree Celsius. NH22 is the only way that connects other nearby cities to Kinnaur.

The district is surrounded by three high mountain ranges – Zanskar, Dhauladhar and Greater Himalayas. Due to high hills, the vegetation is low. Therefore, floral beauty can be seen at the lower part of Kinnaur. The picturesque beauty of high mountains is really mesmerising.

Places of attractions in Kinnaur

The sightseeing attractions in Kinnaur are Sangla Valley,  Bhaba Valley, Kinnaur Kailash Peak,  Lipa Asrang Sanctuary, Nako Lake and Satluj River Valley.

Attractions of Kinnaur

Sangla Valley:  This valley offers you clear stream of river Baspa, orchards of apple and view of snow-clad mountains.

Bhaba Valley: This valley shows you the deodar and pine trees with mind blowing mountain views.

Kinnaur Kailash Peak: This is “Shiv Linga” shaped High Mountain with sacred belief and it is stunning to visit this place.

Nako Lake:  This is one of the high rated tourist places in Kinnaur. It is situated in the village Nako. This lake gets frozen during December and January. Tourist can play and skate here at that time.

Lipa Asrang Sanctuary: This sanctuary is at the height of 4000 metres and above and area is spread over 30 kms. One can find dry flora in the place and some animals like Yak, Leopard, Brown Bear, Black Bear and Blue sheep.

Chitkul: This is said to be as the last and highest village. It is situated at the bank of river Baspa.

Besides the above said there are more to visit in Kinnaur like Kamru Fort, Sangla Buddhist Monastry etc.

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